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Finding My Website and Admin Area

"I've just created an account and clicked away. Now I can't find my new site and where is the admin panel?"

Finding your website and accessing your admin panel:

Once you have created your new website via the website, you may click away and then not know how to access the site you have made, or your admin area within the site.

This tutorial explains how to find your site again and how to access your site’s admin area:

There are two ways: Firstly, you can go back to the 'sign up' page on and log in using the name/email and password which you used to create your account. However, if you want to go directly to your new website on the internet (before your domain name is attached), each ripe site has an address as follows;


example:                 http://
or                              http://

To access the admin area for your new website just add   /ripe   onto the end of the URL:

example:                 http://

This will bring up your admin log-in page where you will be asked for your name or email, followed by the password you chose.

Once (with our assistance), your own domain name is applied to your website, accessing your admin area will look like this:

                              http: //


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