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Getting started with Ripe

Ripe Website Manager is ultra easy to use. If you have ever used a different CMS then you will breeze through Ripe. If this is your first time using a content management system then you have come to the right place, because Ripe makes the CMS learning curve a breeze.

Signup, pick a template and change your front page content

First thing is to sign up and set up your website. The sign up procedure is simple and quick and in seconds you will be looking at your very own Ripe admin panel. Here Ripe will ask you to pick a template out of the many free templates we have available. You may have asked us to design you a custom template which will take a few days but for the moment you can use a free template.  After picking a template (which can be changed at any time) ripe will show you your home page in edit mode. Here you can change the text and click save. You have now set up your website site.

Create more pages tweak your template

Now feel free to create new pages. Try setting up an articles page by using changing the page type when making a new page. Use the file manager to upload any images you may have. If you are comfortable with HTML then you can click on design to tweak your template and add some branding. Don't be affraid to click around. Test things out and see what they do.

Help and support

We are always happy to help you out. Take a look around our website to see help documents. If you are not sure what something does, take a note of the module name (navigation, file manager, articles) and check the help pages for that module. We also provide support tickets and phone support via your account manager.

Video tutorials

You may want to visit our video tutorials next. In these videos you can see exactly how you would do specific tasks.

See our video tutorials here.

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