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What is a template?

A template is what makes your website look the way it does. It's basically your website design. It decides the layout and arrangement of your website and colour of your text and links etc.

How do I install one?

To choose and install a template first you will need to log into your admin panel for your website. Here you can click the templates link and then select the "More templates" tab. Now you will be displayed with a list of the current available templates. If you find one that you want to add to your website click the install link. Depending upon the template you have selected to install you may have to pay a fee before the template installs.

Creating a new template

Ripe website manager templates are just like normal html page designs. The only thing different is Ripe website manager templates will include Ripe tags. Ripe tags are tags that look like this {RIPE_TAG}. These tags are read by the Ripe system and replaced with content.

There are two ways you can create your new template. You could either create the template and then upload via FTP or you could go into the design tab in your Ripe admin and use the create new template button.

We have wrote a tutorial on creating a Ripe Website Manager template.

Do you need a custom template design?

Chances are your website needs to be branded to suit your business. You don't want to appear the same as other websites so one of our free templates just will not cut it for you. So your only option is to get a new template designed but you don't have any HTML knowledge. That's where we can come in. We offer some great packages where we will build a customised template for you. We are the experts so we can build some high quality templates. You will be offered a custom template design when you sign up. If you already have an account with us then feel free to contact us.
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