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Ripe Website Manager is the perfect CMS for beginners and experienced web masters alike. Why beginners? Well.. most content management systems require you to install them on your own server so that means you may need to get your own hosting account. Then when you try to install the CMS you may find your host has incompatible server settings - trust us, it can be a nightmare; Ripe is a hosted service with an instant install facility making the whole process fast - and very simple. Just a few years ago companies would pay tens of thousands for a website as functional and feature rich as a Ripe site - now you can have one instantly - and pay for it monthly...

Version 1.1 has been released. The new version fixes minor bugs and helps the CMS to be even more user friendly. Version 1.1 expands on the idea to make one click installs of new templates and modules. Users can now see a list of available templates or modules from within their admin panel. Then they can chose to install anything they like.

Another focus point of improvement for version 1.1 is the stats module. Some time has been taken to display some more in depth visitor statistics. Hope you enjoy the
We now have developed a YouTube component to make adding YouTube videos to your page a lot easier. Before you would of had to add the html by hand. Now all you have to do is click insert component, select the youTube component and enter the you tube url. The YouTube component will do the rest and you will now see a YouTube video on your page.
It's been good to see Ripe get a couple of excellent reviews recently including a number 1 position in a top 10 list. Our work seems to be paying off as the aim to develop Ripe to be easy to use yet powerful has been noted in these reviews. We welcome reviewers to test our software and we will continue the fast development so hopefully those reviews continue to be good.

You can read a couple reviews at the following websites:
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I have fixed a bug that would prevent the wysiwyg text editor to work if you were using a webkit based browser. Now Ripe Website Manager will work with all the popular web browsers.

Ripe is still in the later part of beta so if you find any more problems please let us
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