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Ripe Website Manager is a hosted service. When buying a website via Jmez Media using our Ripe Website Manager you are in fact purchasing a service which includes the use of  a Ripe powered website, branded as per your taste and branding, including any functionality as agreed at point of sale. The cost of your new website is the right to use a Ripe powered site, the building and installation of the template (this depicts how your site looks and feels from the visitor point of view), any additional modules, the content we populate the site with and the first years hosting. Thereafter, hosting fees are due annually and are dependent on the overall size and usage of your site.

Typically, hosting charges fluctuate between £80 - £130.00 with some extremely high usage sites escallating upwards of £300.00 per annum.

It is a condition and necessity that Ripe users host through Jmez Media's web servers.

Jmez Media are not domain registrars but via our domain accounts can purchase domains for customers. In most cases domains are bought for two years (.eu domains for one year), before becoming due for renewal.

To simplify matters, Jmez Media can purchase your domain, provide hosting and create your new website as a one stop package, quite often at less than it would cost to purchase a domain and set up hosting yourself. We're always pleased to discuss your requirements.