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Ripe Website Manager is already "an extremely search engine friendly platform, created with exceptionally 'clean' code"; making Ripe powered websites naturally attractive to search engines.

We do take on search engine optimisation commissions from non Ripe customer sites but such is our knowledge of the Ripe system (we built it), that we prefer our optimisation work to revolve around our own software. There are a multitude of actions that can be undertaken to ensure your website, Ripe powered or not, achieves the best search engine results possible.

Jmez Media have a non-guarantee policy towards optimisation work we carry out on our customer's behalf - not as strange as it sounds! Some optimisers promise to get chosen websites onto the the first page of Google 'within a week' - and can do... but rarely stay at the top for long and should you think you've achieved your goal and don't need your SEO manager any more... just watch your site rankings disappear into the ether. There are, as with most things, 'short-cut' techniques that are just as short term

Our aim is to get our customers into a high search engine ranking over time - and ensure their sites remain at the the top.

Optimisation methods include natural and viral techniques but our favourite and most reliable, is quite simply the creation of good quality, informative content, placed clearly and appropriately onto your website. Our no-frills approach has achieved great results for our customers and we have been able to explain and demonstrate our methods without the use of multi-stats and jargon.

We are always pleased to discuss possibilites and options.