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Simple But Effective Pottery Painting Techniques


Banding & Sgrafitto - Tuition, Ideas & Inspiration 

Training for Ceramic Decorators, Ceramicists, Potters, Clay Cafes, Ceramic Studios and Potteries.

*Various designs:  course content will vary throughout the year and may not match photograph shown above.

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Course Content/Agenda


Delegates will learn two basic ceramic decorating techniques in one day.  Bisque, tools and supplies will be provided. No previous experience is required.


Banding is an effective decorating  technique that produces circular stripes.  Colour can be applied on pottery by “banding” glaze or underglaze around cylindrical or round shapes like plates, jars, pots etc.  The bisque or pottery is placed in the centre of a banding wheel (a hand-operated turn-table or wheel) and the pottery is decorated whilst it revolves.

Sgrafitto is a painting technique where the artist scratches into the top layer of colour to reveal areas of the surface underneath (often base-coated in a contrasting colour).  This technique produces effective illustrative qualities, special textures, fine-line delicacy and precise highlights.


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