Craft Cotton Fabric Items To Paint & Decorate

Fabric/Textile Blanks To "Paint Your Own"


Fabric Textile Decoration

To compliment our range of fabric/textile paints (DecoArt's SoSoft paints), Country Love Crafts have added a small range of ready-to-paint fabric items. 

Note:  The two photographs shown on the right have been painted by an 11 year old (the apron below was decorated using stencils and a sponge dabber).

Click on the link:  NEW fabric range  to see the items via on our shop - items include:

  • CLLFGPB006 - Cotton Small (Child's) Apron With Pocket 49x64cm - x10 pack
  • CLLFGPB008 - Cotton Medium Size Apron White With Pocket 60x90cm x10 pack
  • CLLFGPB004 - Cotton Pencil Case White 25x7cm  x10 pack
  • CLLFGPB001 - Cotton Shopping Bag 38x42cm  x10 pack

DecoArt's range of SoSoft Mediums and Speciality Paints offer another dimension to fabric painting. The paints are soft, flexible and will not harden, peel or crack.  No heat setting or medium is required - just paint and go!  This versatile textile paint will adhere to all fabrics and there is a great assortment of colours and products options in the range - see below:

SoSoft Color Resist:  Color Resist works as a masking medium for fabric painting projects. Use Color Resist where you do not want paint on your projects. Removing the mask will allow the color of the fabric or basecoat to show through a design created by Color Resist.
SoSoft Pearl Medium:  Use with SoSoft Fabric Acrylics to make pearl fabric paints. Mix equal parts of medium and paint.
SoSoft Transparent Medium:  A medium to turn opaque colors of So-Soft Fabric Acrylics and Shimmering Pearls into a transparent fabric paint. Very effective when working with iron-on and shaded transfers.
SoSoft Ultra White:  Ultra White is a super white basecoat paint for painting on dark fabrics. It enhances the brightness and true colors of the top coat.
SoSoft Puff Paint:  DecoArt SoSoft Puff Paint Writer in 1.15oz 34ml bottle. Add dimensional embellishment to your clothing or fabric items.
Fabric Mediums:  Country Love Crafts sell two fabric painting mediums which are product codes: CLDAS10 and CLDCA48.  Simply mix the medium as instructed (with Americana Acrylics) to produce a washable, permanent textile paint.  It improves penetration and bonds to the fabric while helping to prevent, cracking, peeling, and fading. Fabric Painting Medium is suitable for clothing and home decor fabric projects.
SoSoft Paint Pot Set:  A mini paint pot set containing an assortment of 6 primary colours.   A great assortment of DecoArt paints in a blister pack paint pot set - ideal small decorating projects, take-away kits or something "to try before you buy".
DecoArt Bead and Glitter Glue:  Easily customize any surface by squeezing glue from writer tip & sprinkling with beads or glitter. Writer tip allows you to personalize squiggle or add dots to your designs. Glue will remain flexible for fabric projects. 2oz