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Canvas Painting

There are three options for canvas painting training: 

  1. DIY training using FREE patterns and tutorials
  2. Online training from the comfort of your home or business
  3. Face to face training with an experienced instructor. 
Here is more information about all three options.

DIY Training

Templates, Patterns & Ideas

If you want to produce your own, step-by-step tutorials or need artwork inspiration, then DecoArt have a great project library.  Whether you have never painted or have some experience, there are hundreds of patterns, templates and guides to help you achieve a wonderful piece of art.  Click here for the canvas projects library/tutorials/downloads link (use the drop down menu for "surface" and click on canvas.  Click on the individual links or images for templates/patterns and more information.  Here is the link to the images shown on the right - Love Birds in a Heart Tree tutorial and pattern.

Simply trace your pattern/template/download or artwork onto the canvas using our graphite paper (available in white or grey).  Graphite transfer sheets/carbon papers are ideal for design text and pattern transfer. Graphite paper also known as ARTIST TRANSFER PAPER is an easy and efficient way for artists to transfer their images onto surfaces like canvas wood bisque or paper. Unwanted lines are simply removed with an eraser. Graphite transfer paper works like carbon paper. Simply place the sheet of graphite paper on top of your surface and underneath the pattern you want to transfer. Make a copy by pressing hard over the lines of the top copy image.

Online Training

Art Classes For Aspiring Artists

DECOART® TRADITIONS™ ARTIST ACRYLICS is proud to partner with ART APPRENTICE ONLINE the leader in online art classes for aspiring artists.  Learn to paint or advance your skills.  Paint landscapes, seascapes, florals, still life, wildlife, and more.  Learn the principles of art theory and design. Something for all skill levels. Fun, flexible, and affordable classes. 

Click here for the link - Online Art Classes.  

  • Online training: 
  • Online training:  artapprenticeonline

  • Want to book an Instructor?

    Please contact a freelance tutor from the list below.  All bookings and administration are managed through the freelance instructor. 

    Here's a check list of information to have ready or ask:

    • Cost
    • Location
    • Available dates
    • Times
    • Payment methods
    • Course agenda

    UKDP - UK Decorative Painters

    Contact: Margaret
    Phone: 01924 367344  

    UK Decorative Painters (UKDP) was formed in 2010 to provide a National Organisation for Decorative Painters.   The primary aim is to have a professional, friendly and enthusiastic forum for people who want to be involved in decorative painting.  UKDP consists of an enthusiastic group of decorative painters eager to share skills and pass on knowledge by making decorative painting accessible to anyone who would like to give it a try.   No experience is necessary and UKDP invite you to contact them to find out how you too can enjoy this wonderful art form.  The official website for UK Decorative Painters:

    BADFA - The British Association of Decorative Painters

    Contact: Sharon

    The Association was founded in 1993 when several artists, through their common interest in decorative painting and folk art, decided to establish contact with other artists throughout the country, and the world. BADFA was officially established in 1994.

    We are proud of our society as it is unique in many ways, not only for its long established history, but also for its profile being renowned nationally and internationally.  Many strong friendships have been formed with like-minded people over the years, and painting skills enhanced from beginners to advanced.  We have a really strong, committed team in place working hard with the best interests of the members at heart.

    As it is a ‘not for profits’ society, all members contribute on a voluntary basis and we have a quarterly newsletter, special exclusive offers to full members and more.  We also have BADFA stands at the NEC and the ICHF (see upcoming events) and an annual convention where anyone can come along and try their hand at a mini workshop with friendly welcoming teachers.

    On this website you will find details of where to find a teacher, upcoming events, and a link to our forum which will enable you to ask questions and make friends who willingly share their knowledge. Anyone who can hold a pen can learn brushstroke techniques and learn to paint!Please check out the gallery to see some of our members work.New members are always welcome!  Please see the how to join section.


    Click here for our new canvas painting gallery for inspiration.  Also, see images below.

    Freelance Tutors:

    Fired Art Designs:

    Contact: Rachel Byass
    Phone: 07970793727