Clay Shapes Made By Hand

Handbuilt Clay Shapes & Designs Create Your Own Clay Masterpieces


Unpainted Clay Blanks & Clay Shapes

Air-drying clay, polymer clays (like Fimo or Sculpy) or traditional potter's clay can produce some fantastic results.  Make your own unique keepsakes.  Either decorate with acrylics and allow to air-dry.  Alternatively, use specialist pottery products like underglazes and glazes.

The cufflink images below show both options (air-drying and kiln fired clay) - can you spot the difference?  Click here for our clay stock options

Clay Cutters

Create your own fantastic shapes.  Suitable for use with various craft materials e.g. clay (air drying or pottery), Polymer clays (e.g Fimo or Sculpy), Precious metal clays (PMC, Art Clay, Silver Clay, Gold Clay, Copper Clay) Friendly Plastic, Sugarcraft (icing or marzipan), Playdough, saltdough and much more.  It is recommended that children under 36 months should be supervised by an adult when using metal cutters

METAL CUTTERS:  Country Love Crafts supply a great assortment of robust, re-usable metal clay cutters that are simple to use and easy to clean.

PLASTIC CUTTERS:  We also supply an assortment of clay modelling/shaping tools.  Click here to see the stock range.