Mixed Craft Surfaces

Candles, Soap, Metal, Fabric, Foam, Stone Pebbles, Plastic, Porcelain and Glass Painting



Paints, Mediums & Varnishes for Other Craft Surfaces

There are lots of surfaces that offer alternatives for crafters e.g.

  • Soap painting
  • Candle painting
  • Glass painting
  • Fabric painting
  • Ceramic painting
  • Pebble painting
  • Terracotta pot painting/flower pot painting
  • Vegetables!

DecoArt Americana paints are multi-surface paints.  Simply mix with their adhesion medium or choose from their vast range of branded options e.g. SoSoft (fabric paint), Patio Paint (outdoor paint), Gloss Enamels (porcelain, glass, metal & ceramic paint), Glass Stain (transluscent glass paint) etc. 

For inspiration, select your preferred surface from the drop down menu (SURFACE type) when you click here

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