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Templates, Patterns & Ideas

If you want to produce your own, step-by-step tutorials or need artwork inspiration, then DecoArt have a great project library.  Whether you have never painted or have some experience, there are hundreds of patterns, templates and guides to help you achieve a wonderful piece of art.  Click here for the canvas projects library/tutorials/downloads link (use the drop down menu for "surface" and click on canvas.  Click on the individual links or images for templates/patterns and more information.  Here is the link to the images shown on the right - Love Birds in a Heart Tree tutorial and pattern.

Simply trace your pattern/template/download or artwork onto the canvas using our graphite paper (available in white or grey).  Graphite transfer sheets/carbon papers are ideal for design text and pattern transfer. Graphite paper also known as ARTIST TRANSFER PAPER is an easy and efficient way for artists to transfer their images onto surfaces like canvas wood bisque or paper. Unwanted lines are simply removed with an eraser. Graphite transfer paper works like carbon paper. Simply place the sheet of graphite paper on top of your surface and underneath the pattern you want to transfer. Make a copy by pressing hard over the lines of the top copy image.

Online Art Classes For Aspiring Artists

DECOART® TRADITIONS™ ARTIST ACRYLICS is proud to partner with ART APPRENTICE ONLINE the leader in online art classes for aspiring artists.  Learn to paint or advance your skills.  Paint landscapes, seascapes, florals, still life, wildlife, and more.  Learn the principles of art theory and design. Something for all skill levels. Fun, flexible, and affordable classes. 

Click here for the link - Online Art Classes.  

Social Artworking

The social artworking method is a new, unique way to paint!  Simply trace a pattern, follow some basic instructions, and... WOW! You've created your own painting on canvas and had a great time doing it!  Buy supplies and have your very own painting party!  15 Patterns to choose from. 

Product Videos

DecoArt has developed an online "Product Line Video Program" (available in 16 languages).  DecoArt Product Line Videos are 2–3 minute videos that explain each of the major product lines in the following ways: features, major uses, advantages, project ideas and application tips - see examples below: 

 Product Videos:  Project Tutorials


Click here for all the PRODUCT videos:

  • Acrylics - Glitter
    • Glamour Dust (ultra fine glitter paint)
  • Fabric Paint
    • SoSoft Fabric Paint
  • Glass Paints
    • Gloss Enamels
    • Gloss Enamels Crystal
    • Gloss Enamels 3D
    • Glass Stain
    • DecoArtglass Paint Marker
  • Outdoor Paint
    • Patio Paint
  • Foam Paint
    • Foam Paint
    • Magikote
  • Paper Paint
    • Paint Effects
  • Specialty
    • Mediums
    • Snow Products
    • Glow Products
    • Decoupage
  Click here for all the PROJECT tutorials:
  • Outdoor Crafts
    • Flower Pot
    • Baby Duck Terracotta Pot
    • Frankenstein Treat Pot
    • Pumpkin Face Pot
  • Canvas
    • Autumn Leaf
    • Giraffe
  • Fabric
    • Reading Bag
    • Summer Beach Bag
  • Wood
    • Chalkboard
    • Picture Frame - Paisley Texture Crackle
    • Picture Frame - Friends Texture Fierro
    • Picture Frame - Hugs and Kissses
    • Picture Frame - Stencils
  • Paper and Papier Mache
    • Elegant Finish Texture Fierro Box
    • Chicken Box
  • Glass
    • Teacher Gift Jam Jar