Papier Mache Paper Shapes

Unpainted Blanks Paper Craft Shapes Ready to paint or decorate



Unpainted Paper Blanks & Papier Mache Shapes

Decopatch Papier Mache

Decopatch:  We have hundreds of paper/papier mache shapes in the range supplied by Decopatch.  These items can be painted or decorated as required. 

There is a huge assortment of designs or shapes in various sizes.  These items are light and easily transported and merchandising stands are available for craft businesses.     

  • In white:  3D Letters, 3D Symbols, 3D Words, 3D Numbers
  • In manilla or buff:   Animals, Boxes, Trinkets, Frames, Christmas Decorations, Accessories, Mirror Frames (with child friendly mirrors).

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Country Love Crafts Own Brand Papier Mache Paper Shapes

We now offer our own-brand range of sturdy, eco friendly, low-cost, paper craft shapes.  These biodegradable papier mache shapes are made from recycled waste products (e.g. old newspapers, cardboard etc). Each piece has been hand-made using 100% recycled materials and organic glue. 

100's of low-cost, ready to paint designs are available to buy on wholesale terms including:  3D letters (and letter boxes), numbers, symbols, an assortment of boxes, flat shapes, scrapbooks, money boxes and frames.  We know you'll love the trade prices!

The designs will be supplied in a buff or manila colour ready to paint or decorate with acrylics, inks, poster paints, stamps, polymer clay, foam clay, decoupage (or Decopatch), papers, napkins, glitters, embellishments, beads, fabric and much more.

3D letters, 3D letter boxes, 3D symbols, 3D numbers, display accessories, boxes, cases, chests, flat shapes, plaques, picture frames, photograph frames, hearts (chunky, puffy), miscellaneous, money banks, rattles, scrapbooks.

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