Plaster Shapes

Moulded Plaster Casting & Plaster Shapes From Clay Moulds


Unpainted Plaster Blanks & Plaster Shapes

Mix our plaster powder with water and make decorative plasterwork, plaster moulds and plaster casting. 

The plaster is white, durable and quick setting.  Decorate with craft paints.  

Experiment with soap moulds or even the FIMO & Sculpey re-usuable polymer clay moulds.  This is an easy, low-cost craft.  Decorate plaster shapes with our great assortment of craft paints

Our clay and plaster training courses are one of the most popular workshops.

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Craft Moulds

For easy and successful creations, crafters use moulds to create their own fantastic shapes.  

They can be used with various craft materials e.g. clay (air drying or pottery), Polymer clays (e.g Fimo or Sculpy), Precious metal clays (PMC, Art Clay, Silver Clay, Gold Clay, Copper Clay) Friendly Plastic, Sugarcraft (icing or marzipan), Playdough, saltdough and much more.  Some moulds can be used for clear castings too.

Choose your idea, then the material, think about methods of attachment and then create your masterpiece!

If you are looking to buy latex or silicone moulds at trade prices, we have access to a number of suppliers and are currently "registering interest in this product". 

We are able to source the following shapes, designs or themes in 3D or flat styles:  animals, Christmas, letters, numbers, newborn/babies, buttons, garden, picutre/photo frame, jewels (for jewellery making or embellishment projects), food, clothing, wedding.    

Please e-mail if you are interested in supplies of moulds.