Polystyrene Craft Shapes

Create and Craft with Polystyrene and Styrofoam


Polystyrene shapes

These craft shapes are great for decorating with acrylic paints, fabrics, decoupage papers, Decopatch papers, sequins or glitters.  They can also be used as a modelling base for papier mache, clay, cake decorating and much more.

  • High quality, white Polystyrene shapes.
  • Ready-to-paint or ready-to-decorate moulded designs.
  • Versatile and adaptable craft shape (easy to cut and glue*).
  • 2D and 3D construction aid.
  • Use as a modelling base.
  • Suitable for use with numerous arts and crafts materials.
  • Add as embellishments.
  • Loved by children.
  • Light-weight craft blank.
  • Great value.

There is something for everyone – all seasons and events e.g. Christmas, Wedding, Valentine, Birthday or Easter.

Polystyrene hearts, stars, birds, eggs.

*Note:  In order to prevent damaging your Polystyrene / Styrofoam shape, please ensure that a suitable solvent-free adhesive is used to glue or bond items together.   Also remember that this material needs to be kept away from hot surfaces and craft tools (for example hot lights, heat guns, melting pots and naked flames etc).

Polystyrene Shapes

CLLFVIT060 Polystyrene Heart 5cm x50pcs
CLLFVIT061 Polystyrene Heart 7cm x30pcs
CLLFVIT062 Polystyrene Heart 11cm x20pcs

CLLFVIT072 Polystyrene Star 13.5cm x20pcs
CLLFVIT073 Polystyrene Star 15cm x20pcs
CLLFVIT074 Polystyrene Star 20cm x10pcs

CLLFVIT142 Polystyrene Bird 9x18cm x5pcs

CLLFVIT021 Polystyrene Egg 6x4cm bag of 25pcs
CLLFVIT023 Polystyrene Egg 10x7cm bag of 15pcs

MagiKote™ Styrofoam™

CLDA DS105-8OZ Magikote transforms Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) into a smooth paintable Surface. Create Styrofoam™ masterpieces. Simply carve, combine, or sculpt ordinary Styrofoam™ shapes. Then cover with MagiKote™ for a smooth paintable finish.

With simple painting techniques and MagiKote™, Styrofoam™ takes on the look of stone, pottery, and much more... at a fraction of the cost.

MagiKote™ Surface Coating for Styrofoam® will allow sculptors and crafters alike to worry less about the waffled, bumpy surface working with Styrofoam® typically produces. As the paper-plaster type coating is applied, the Styrofoam® transforms into a smooth surface, which can then easily be painted using Americana® Acrylic paints and mediums.

Because solvents in spray paints and oil-based paints melt or eat away Styrofoam®, acrylic paints have long been trusted to create fun and bright crafts using the affordable and lightweight foam material. Styrofoam® is also easily carved and sanded to make lightweight sculptures.

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