Transparent Plastic Craft Shapes

Ready To Paint Transparent Objects


Painting Clear Shapes

To compliment our range of glass paints (DecoArt's Glass Stains and Gloss Enamels), Country Love Crafts have introduced a NEW range of transparent items for painting.

Our range of hanging decorations (Christmas balls, Xmas Baubles) are splittable and fillable ornaments that make great tree decorations ! These CLEAR acrylic, plastic baubles can be personalised or customised.  Simply decorate with ribbons, glitter, paper or even fill in a photo for an original gift.  These craft shapes can be split and filled with wonderful, personal suprises and the items make a fabulous hand-made keepsake. 

Plastic baubles to decorate, personalise, customize, fill and keep!

Suggested activities : personalised Christmas balls, Father's Day gift, Mother's day gift, Easter egg hunts, homemade gifts, table decorations, hanging ornaments and much more!


Click on the link:  NEW Transparent Clear Shapes to view the items via our online shop - including some ideal items for Christmas.  New items include:

  • CLLFZSE015 Transparent Clear Bauble Heart Shape Decoration (25 per pack) - 2 part shape with hole for hanging
  • CLLFZSE024 Transparent Clear Bauble Star Shape Decoration (20 per pack) - 2 part shape with hole for hanging
  • CLLFZSE025 Transparent Clear Bauble Tree Shape Decoration (20 per pack) - 2 part shape with hole for hanging
  • CLLFZSE017 Transparent Clear Square Trinket Box (12 per pack) - Lid and Base
  • CLLFZGA001 Transparent Ball 70mm (5 per pack) - 2 part shape with hole for hanging
  • CLLFZSE001 Transparent Ball 60mm (50 per pack) - 2 part shape with hole for hanging

Click on the link for:  Tips for painting on round shapes. Click on the link for: Tips on using DecoArt Glass Stains (glass paints).

Click on the link to see our CLEAR CRAFT SHAPES Pinterest "board" (photo album).

PRICES START FROM 40p per item!

CLLFZSE015 - Transparent heart 80mm x25pcs 

CLLFZSE017 - Transparent square box 75x75x50mm x12pcs 

CLLFZSE024 - Transparent star 100mm x20pcs

CLLFZSE025 - Transparent tree 100mm x20pcs

CLLFZGA001 - Transparent ball 70mm x 5pcs

CLLFZSE001 - Transparent ball 60 x 50pcs