Unfinished White Shapes & Models

Ceramic Bisque Pottery Blank Shapes Ready-To-Paint Ornaments & Home Decor


Unpainted Pottery Blanks & Bisque Shapes

Pottery blanks offer a versatile craft surface, often cheaper and smoother than wood and more functional than paper. 

We have 100's of paintable, unfinished pottery craft shapes that can be used to create custom-made, hand-decorated home decor items, gifts or personalised keepsakes. 

Whilst a potter (or pottery painting studio) will use glazes, underglazes and kiln etc, many crafters decorate bisque pottery with Decopatch Papers, decoupage products (papers & napkins), inks, stamps, embossing powders, acrylics, jewels, fabric and much more.

It is necessary to fire bisque pottery in a kiln if the item needs to be food-safe. 

Bisque is also decorated with craft paint, embellishments, foam putty, polymer clays (like Fimo and Sculpey) or any material that will stick to the ceramic surface.

We have a great assortment of decorative shapes to paint including:  animals, beads, boxes, candle holders, embellishments/toppers, figurines, frames, money boxes/piggy banks, plaques, tiles, tableware (cups, bowls, plates, tea sets), vases and flower pots.

We want to dispel the belief that ceramics or pottery pieces should only be painted by a potter, ceramicist or someone with a kiln.  Bisque (unpainted pottery) can be decorated with an assortment of standard craft products. 

Some items start from 20p!

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