Thousands of assorted ceramic bisque shapes for hobby ceramics, clay cafes, contemporary ceramic cafes and studios ready for immediate despatch.  Small and large shapes, functional or decorative shapes.  Wholesale supplies for businesses large or small, home-based or shop.

Ceramic Bisque Pottery, Bisqueware or Biscuit

To the novice ceramicist, bisque can be better described as a "pottery blank". Bisque is plain white and looks similar to a plaster shape or model.  Bisque shapes are also descritbed ceramic designs, pottery items, bisque shapes, unpainted ceramics, unfinished pottery, bisqueware, biscuit, once-fired clay and paint your own pottery shapes.

We have been manufacturing and distributing wholesale ceramic bisque supplies for decades.  We have also provided business advice, ceramic training and start-up packages for literally thousands of ceramic cafes, clay cafes, paint your own pottery studios, schools, universities, colleges, craft businesses, pottery businesses, potters, ceramicists and even hobbyists.

Bisque is unglazed, white ceramic ware.  This surface is often called pottery blanks, unpainted ceramics, ready to paint pottery and studio bisque.

Our bisque is high quality earthenware (fired to 1060°C or cone 04).  It is compatible with most underglazes or glazes with a recommended firing temperature of 1020°C or cone 06.  We use high quality clay and our bisque is manufactured by established, global organisations.

Bisque is usually painted with underglaze colours and, once dry, covered with a clear glaze (the clear glaze makes the item food-safe if fired to the manufacturer's recommendations).  The decorated and glazed bisque is fired in a pottery kiln to become a unique memento of a wonderful creative experience.

In addition to our own stock, we supply bisque from Duncan.  Duncan® (now known as iLoveToCreate®) is a privately-held, family-owned US company that has been a leader in the ceramic art and craft industry since 1946.  Brilliant colour and unique designs are just a brush away with the Duncan® range of products for ceramic artists now available through UK distributor, Country Love Crafts.

Country Love Crafts is one of the UK's largest wholesalers of bisque for use in Paint Your Own Pottery shops or Clay Cafes. These outlets stock a range of bisque that will mostly include plates, cups, mugs, bowls, pots, vases, and seasonal items for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

Huge stocks of low cost, high quality bisque ware are held ready for immediate supply.  Wholesale discounts are available for businesses. 

Country Love Crafts also support existing or new businesses.  Supplies of glaze, underglaze, brushes, kilns and a wide range of decorating accessories are also available for immediate delivery.

As there are many types of clay such as porcelain, stoneware, ceramics etc, it is important to make sure all products are compatible, for example:

  • the bisque is compatible with the colour (underglaze or glaze)
  • the colour and bisque are compatible with the clear glaze (should a clear glaze be required)
  • the kiln can fire to the right temperatures, at the right speed for all the products that need firing. 

All our products are guaranteed to work together.

Our stocks are maintained at high levels in our large Oxfordshire warehouse and with an efficient and well established supply chain we are seldom "out of stock", though even we can occasionally be caught out with unpredictable demand. 

All of our shapes can be viewed at our showroom (open 9am until 5pm excluding Friday’s when we close at 4pm).  We are not open at weekends.  Alternatively, browse our online shop. We are very proud of our successful mix of both traditional and contemporary designs.

Country Love Crafts like to keep our range fresh and exciting.  New shapes are introduced several times each year.  Watch out for announcements.


GO TO OUR ONLINE SHOP to see our great assortment of bisqe shapes including "new bisque designs", "clearance bisque shapes" and "special offers & discounted bisque"

  • Ceramic Bisque Animals (butterflies, cats, dogs, chicks, ducks, rabbits, horses, lambs, owls, fish, dolphins, sea horses, crabs, giraffe, zebras, lions, geckos, dinosaurs, dragons, pigs, elephants, bears, bees, ladybirds, snails, cows, worms, squirrels, tortoises, penquins, frogs,)

  • Ceramic Bisque Beads and Pendants

  • Ceramic Bisque Bowls and Dishes

  • Ceramic Bisque Bulk Buy Packs - Discounted Trade Packs

  • Ceramic Bisque Candle Holders

  • Ceramic Bisque Dinosaurs Dragons and Monsters

  • Ceramic Bisque Fairies

  • Ceramic Bisque Figurines

  • Ceramic Bisque Jugs and tea sets

  • Ceramic Bisque Hand Held Mirrors

  • Ceramic Bisque Moneyboxes and piggy banks

  • Ceramic Bisque Mugs, Cups, tea cups, goblets

  • Ceramic Bisque Pencil pots

  • Ceramic Bisque Picture frames

  • Ceramic Bisque Plates (Rimmed & Coupe) - round and oval, shaped and novelty, square and rectangle

  • Ceramic Bisque Tableware

  • Ceramic Bisque Tiles, Plaques & Coasters

  • Ceramic Bisque Embellishments, Magnets, Tag Alongs, Add Ons

  • Ceramic Bisque 3D Free Standing Letters

  • Ceramic Bisque Transport shapes (cars, planes, aeroplanes, trains, rockets, sports car, fire engine, tractor, boat, trucks, space ship, motorbike, motorcycle, jeeps).

  • Ceramic Bisque Trinket boxes (heart, cube, plain, muffin cake, slice of cake, cupcake, icecream box, treasure box)

  • Ceramic Bisque Vases and flower pots

  • Ceramic Bisque for seasons, events and celebrations:  e.g Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christenings Shapes, Weddings, Engagement, New Birth, New Born, Birthday, Retirement, Easter, Christmas, Xmas, Halloween etc.

Buy with confidence from Country Love Crafts! 

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