Brush preservation, cleaning & care





Durability, suitability and economy





Image or text transfer

Suitable for craft kits, hire kits & re-bottling

Round, sea or cut your own shapes

Brush selection




Strokes, blending, shading, detail



Multi-packs, sets and kits

Mixing and application

Frame or Mount Masterpieces

Clear multi-purpose glues for crafting

Turntables for artists.

Wrap it or display with love!

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Wholesale brushes/brush supplies:  round brush, mop brush, liner brush, flat brush, bristle brush, blender brush, quill brush, filbert brush, oval brush, chisel brush, rake brush, angle brush, dome brush, sumi brush, script brush, comber brush, deerfoot brush, dry brushing brush. We stock the following brands of brushes:  Silver Falcon, Royal and Langnickel, Premier Brushes and DecoArt's range of artists brushes in the Traditions range. Wholesale accessories.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.