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Revamp, Re-style, Upcycle, Recycle, Accessorise or Embellish

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Hand-painted designs using napkins and clear mediums.

The Art Of Decorating Using Paper Designs

Matte, Gloss and Satin Finishes For Your Crafts                                                                               

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Creating Decopatch parties or workshops

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Specialist decorative papers, papier mache shapes & more

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Decoupage and Decopatch

Both decoupaging and Decopatching are crafts that are brilliant for rejuvenating or re-cycling tired home décor and are safe for children

Decoupage - the art of decorating an object using paper designs (printed papers, magazine sections or napkins) and special paint effects.

It has again become fashionable to recycle or upcycle! 

There are several different forms of the traditional craft and retail outlets are beginning to benefit from the interest.