Is franchising the right choice for you?


We are frequently asked but Country Love Crafts are not a franchise organisation.  Country Love Crafts are an independent wholesaler and distributor that also provides training and support.

When considering starting a business there is no doubt that opting for a franchise business will be more costly initially (start up costs, annual turnover percentages etc).  However, in return you receive:

  • a ready made, and usually comprehensive business start-up package
  • experienced training and support
  • a proven business model
  • a brand name that has an established market presence
  • on-site help in getting your business off the ground. 

There are several UK operators and we are aware that some are more effective and ethical than others.  Therefore, please be careful if you should decide to take this route.  Country Love Crafts can recommend a number of franchise operators and will happily provide an introduction if required.