Existing Retailers or Leisure Providers

Garden Centres, DIY stores and Farm Shops


Don’t just sell a terracotta pot or unprimed shelves … sell the craft products to decorate it too. These craft options will increase revenue for craft shops, garden centres and farm shops  ... and more importantly ...

... it will attract children .....

Businesses can use our products for cross-selling or to offer consumers diversity, choice and an explosion of colour all year round. Requiring little space, and merchandised well our popular range of craft paints and special papers are used to decorate objects made from wood, stone, metal, glass, plaster, paper, fabric, ceramics, candles etc.

Think about it:

  • vegetable painting,
  • rock or pebble painting
  • welly boot painting,
  • plant pot/terracotta painting and personalisation,
  • patio furniture decorating, refurbishment, revamping
  • fence artwork
  • pavement slab/stepping stone art
  • personalised/customised garden signs
  • paint your own garden gnomes
  • decorate your own birdhouses
  • make your own bird baths
  • create sundials or outdoor clocks
  • recycle household waste into garden decor
  • paint outdoor steps
  • create outdoor lanterns and table decorations
  • produce handmade garden ornaments

 .... it goes on.

Independent stores could even make their own craft kits or a pick and mix craft area.

For inspiration on DIY (handmade) garden outdoor crafts and creativity, click here.