Glazing and Glaze Firing

Our Glazing and Kiln Firing training courses includes tuition on:  bisque (pre-decorating & decorating for best results), leaded versus unleaded glaze, storage of glaze, glaze preparation, dip glazing, brush glazing, spill or roll glazing, firing beads, kilns, dry-footing, stilting, loading your kiln for best results, glazing defects/results/anomalies.  We also have a frequently asked question session:  Q. Does glaze go out of date? Q. What causes glaze to resist in “patches” on a single item? Q How often do you need to stir glaze? Q. Where should I store glaze? etc. This course is free to anyone that buys a Nabertherm kiln from Country Love Crafts.

For help and support on pottery glazing and kiln firing, please see the articles below:


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