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Kilns & Kiln Firing

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Most customers that buy a kiln from us have never used one before and are very nervous. We can provide honest advice to give you the support you need to use your new kiln with confidence. The kilns we stock have digital controllers. Firing your new kiln will be as easy as pressing one or two buttons.

Your kiln or kilns are the most important element (excuse the pun) of your business! Without a fully functioning kiln you cannot trade. You will very quickly lose customers if their pieces are not fired correctly or are not ready on time. Size is important because you need to select a kiln that is neither too large for the amount of traffic it will see or too small to be constantly over loaded with work.  It is important to choose from a range of kilns where your particular environmental conditions can be accommodated at a price that is good value for money.  Support from extablished and qualified professionals with readily available maintenance and spare parts is also essential.  For all these reasons we are pleased to supply a range of suitable kilns that meet all the above requirements.

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