Crafts for the Outdoors

Crafts can transform patio furniture, terracotta pots, stone, wood, concrete and much more.  The options are endless.   They are also great for accessorising, personalising or embellishing. 

Make Do And Mend

Transform tired old pots and furniture.  Make the most of the trend towards households "doing their best to conserve" and a "retreat to the home" culture. Make those green fingers even greener!  GO GREEN in the garden and recycle, revamp, rejuvinate, reuse and rework (for inspiration, see images at bottom of page)!

Home, Garden or Leisure Consumers

Country Love Crafts offer a huge range of inspiring craft options that perfectly suit the home, garden or leisure consumer.  Businesses will benefit from a range of low-cost, multi-purpose products that will appeal to a large demographic all year round.   Many of the craft products can be used to encourage additional sales of a product or service too.  

Crafts appeal to a wide target audience.  Children and families will enjoy the social and entertainment value that crafts offer.  Older consumers will enjoy the creativity (as they do with gardening).  However, everyone will benefit from a leisure pursuit that is both relaxing and provides a feeling of self-accomplishment.

Click here for inspiration on some outdoor creativity projects.

Garden Centres, Leisure Centres, Farms Attractions and DIY Stores.

Businesses can use our products for cross-selling or to offer consumers diversity, choice and an explosion of colour all year round. Requiring little space, and merchandised well our popular range of craft paints and special papers are used to decorate objects made from wood, stone, metal, glass, plaster, paper, fabric, ceramics, candles etc. IT’S TIME FOR BUSINESSES TO GET CRAFTY - don’t just sell a terracotta pot … sell the products to paint it too. These craft options will increase revenue for craft shops, garden centres and farms. 

Patio Paint Garden Paint

Patio Paint is permanent, weather-resistant acrylic paint for outdoor decorating on concrete, wood, and terracotta. Patio Paint is formulated for water resistance and excellent adhesion in changing temperatures.  Application and clean-up is quick and easy too.  

  • DARA604 is a 24 rack merchandising stand (24 bottles, 6 of each colour = 144 bottles)
  • DARA605 is a 48 rack merchandising stand (48 bottles, 6 of each colour = 288 bottles)
  • DAPK254 is a small Patio Paint Pot Set (6 x .75fl oz pots/blister pack)


Add a dash of colour and show of your talents in the garden using DecopatchThere are a number of Decopatch Merchandising stands available. 


Outdoor furniture covered in          An old patio chair covered          A community project organised by Muddy Puddle Crafts
Decopatch                                       in Decopatch