Sparkling protection - dipping or brushing

Pattern transfer process for greenware or bisque

Easy, controlled fine details, squiggles and writing

Achieve an explosion of colour on pottery

Pottery Painting & Ceramic Decoration

Pearlescent Shimmer and Shine

Metals, lustres and pearlescent pottery over-glazes

Low-fire images for transferring on to pottery

Choosing the perfect pottery colour palette

Spotty, dotty, freckled and speckled finishes

High definition, detailed shading

Low firing reactive glazes in earthy tones

Mix with glaze or apply to wet glaze

Fired snow effects on ceramic pottery

Majolica base or soft, muted sheen

Burn off or peel off protection for amazing decorations

Dimensional Pottery Colour

Polish up your pieces with  Metallic Glazes!

Interesting patterns and designs

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We deliberately chose to distribute glazes, underglazes and overglazes from reputable and established companies that provide excellent worldwide support with unrivalled industry knowledge and experience.

Underglazes, Glazes, Overglazes and Onglazes 

Country Love Crafts are official distributors for three major, global manufacturers of glazes and underglazes:   

There are a great assortment of products available including speciality products like gold, mother of pearl, silver, crackle, speckled, dimensional colours and stoneware.  In addition, there is a superb collection of vibrant colours that will tempt any painter.

We can supply with wholesale discounts a speedy order turnaround.