Pottery Business Starter Kit

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Whatever the project, STARTER KITS or START UP PACKAGES provide consumers an "easy shop" option.  For inexperienced customers, they also provide a list of the essential tools and accessories for their project or business model.

We have a range of start-up options to suit various budgets, levels of experience and plans or models.  With every purchase, our friendly team will be on hand to help advise, support or steer (if required). 

Don't forget that our Business Start-Up training course will help if you have (a) never owned or run a business before (b) have no experience of pottery painting, glazing & firing or (c) both of the aforementioned.  Please see our Training and Development section on this site for more information.


Pottery Painting Start Up Kit
Large Sized Business

Pottery Painting Start Up Kit
Medium Sized Business

Pottery Painting Start Up Kit
Hobby or Small Business  

Kiln Starter Bundle
Buy & Set Up Your Kiln With Ease

"Easy Shop" Assorted Brush Kits & Packs

Trade Packs Discounted Priced Bisque

Products, Support & Advice
Suited for YOUR Business Model & YOUR Budget

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