Thousands of wholesale craft and ceramic supplies for workshops, party packages, events, craft projects, home decor items, DIY projects, recycling or revamping.  Orders despatched within 24-48 hours of receipt of order to most UK destinations. Speedy overseas despatches.

Trade Supplies For Craft & Ceramic Businesses
From Country Love Crafts

The links below will go to our online catalogue / warehouse ordering system.  NOTE:  prices are not visible for members of the public and businesses must register before TRADE prices are displayed. We supply stock on a business-to-business arrangement.


Special Offers

Unpainted or Unfinished Wood Shapes




Decoupage Supplies

Bisque/Pottery Blanks

• Bisque Animals - Butterflies and insects
• Bisque Animals - Cats,
• Bisque Animals - Dogs
• Bisque Animals - Zoo and Exotic
• Bisque Animals - Birds
• Bisque Animals - Farm and Meadow
• Bisque Animals - Water
• Bisque Animals - Mixed Packs
• Bisque Bowls And Dishes
• Bisque Bulk Buys
• Bisque Candle Holders
• Bisque Birdhouses and Garden
• Bisque Christmas/Xmas
• Bisque Dinosaurs Dragons And Monsters
• Bisque Bathroom
• Bisque Easter
• Bisque Fairies
• Bisque Figurines 
• Bisque Halloween
• Bisque Hearts
• Bisque Hanging Decorations
• Bisque Mirrors
• Bisque Miscellaneous
• Bisque Money Boxes And Piggy Banks
• Bisque Mugs And Cups
• Bisque Pencil Pots
• Bisque Picture Frames
• Bisque Plates - Round & Oval, Coupe & Rimmed
• Bisque Plates - Shaped & Novelty
• Bisque Plates - Square & Rectangular
• Bisque Tableware
• Bisque Plaques
• Bisque T Light Holder
• Bisque Tiles And Coasters
• Bisque Pendents or Keyrings
• Bisque Transportation
• Bisque Trinket Boxes
• Bisque Vases And Flower Pots
• Bisque Weddings
• Bisque Teapots and Jugs

Glaze, Underglaze & Fired Colour

The Guild Of Ceramic Studios

• Membership

Ceramic Pottery Kilns, Tools & Accessories

Clay and Plaster Supplies

Silver Clay, Tools and Accessories

• Silver Clay And Paste
• Silver Clay Books
• Starter Kits
• Tools And Accessories

Decorating and Display Accessories

Packaging And Shipping

  • Packaging
  • Paper Bags
  • Shipping Boxes

Stamp Making And Image Pacs

• Image Pacs And Accessories
• Magic Print
• Stamp Making Kits

Papier Mache Paper Shapes


Jewellery And Findings

• Gift Boxes
• Silver Findings
• Silver Jewellery
• Sterling Silver Clearance


Fabric Blanks

Transparent Plastic Items

  • Transparent plastic (glass effect)

Polystyrene Shapes

Other Craft Colour