It is in our interest to make your business successful so we pledge to support you every step of the way.  The whole industry will benefit if we work and grow together.

Supporting Our Customers

Country Love know that if we support our customers (by continually inspiring, educating and supplying "on trend" products), the whole industry will benefit - we support our customers so that they spend less time researching and MORE TIME SELLING.  This will hopefully result in more sales for us too.

For businesses to achieve their full growth potential, the owner needs to establish the strategic direction for the company and continually consider the bigger picture.  We support and work with businesses to develop (and achieve) short, medium and long-term business strategies.

We aim to show craft businesses that if they diversify, at minimal cost, it will entice larger target audiences and thereby increase sales.  Not only are we a one-stop-shop (saving time and money on delivery charges) but businesses also save money because we are honestly priced from the onset.  Here are some other ways that we have helped our customers recently:

  • Simplified our wholesale discount structure
  • Avoided a global price increase since June 2009
  • Introduced heavily subsidised BULK BUY trade pack options.
  • Introduced subsidised and FREE delivery charges
  • Aimed for faster than average despatch turnaround
  • Kept customers regularly informed with monthly offers and business updates.
  • Kept stock fresh by regularly introducing new products
  • Maintained an ongoing and evolving training and development programme - over 89 courses scheduled for 2011
  • Obtained several new major distributorships with global brands
  • Continued to be innovative and inspiring with our craft projects to help attract new business
  • Maintained our high levels of customer service and support

    .......... and for our pottery painting customers we've also

Compare these benefits and services to your existing supplier - we are confident that we are more proactive, innovative and supportive. 

If you need help with the strategic direction of your business, please feel free to call or e-mail us for a friendly discussion - or 01235 861700.